What consulting services can On Track Medical provide for a new practice?

Our specialists will guide you through the steps necessary to set up your practice.

Financial Review.  We provide assistance with the incorporation and registration of your practice, including structuring its bookkeeping and providing overhead analysis, productivity benchmarking, budgeting and cash flow analysis.

Branding & Marketing Services.  We specialize in building a practice’s brand along with developing marketing channels such as website design.

Insurance Contract Negotiating.  To boost reimbursement, we will analyze and negotiate insurance contracts and provide enrollment for the top 20-25 payers in your area as well as

Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare enrollment for the practice and all providers.

Billing Procedures.  Our receivable specialist will review all administrative and clerical functions to ensure quick and accurate collection of patient claims. Payment posting, adjustments, auto creation of secondary billing, private pay and collections are all addressed in this service.

HR Compliance & Training Services.  We can assist with HR recruitment, employee policies regarding performance appraisals, reviews and compensation. We offer training in billing practices and HIPAA, MSDS & OSHA compliance training.

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