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Medical Marketing Services

Comprehensive marketing services and consulting, backed by over 19 years of marketing expertise.

The Big Picture

Comprehensive and Focused on the Medical Industry

Through our UPCARE Advantage program, we offer comprehensive marketing services and consulting for medical practices, nursing and healthcare facilities. Powered by over 19 years of marketing expertise, we offer the right solutions to improve your organization’s marketing health and allow you to focus on clinical care and managing your practice.

Our marketing team will use a content-driven approach to help you attract new patients and keep in touch with your current ones. As part of our UPCARE Advantage, you’ll have access to all the expertise of a full-service marketing agency with a focus on medical marketing.

Our Methods

On Demand and Subscription Based Services

We offer two types of care programs for medical practice marketing; On Demand and Subscription based. Our traditional solutions deliver one-time services on an as-needed basis. Our subscription model offers ongoing support in critical areas of practice marketing.

Core Expertise

All of our services include some elements of our core marketing expertise.

Marketing Consulting

Using our proven go-to-market system, we provide the guidance and expertise to improve your marketing ROI and reduce both your frustrations and workload.

Content Marketing

Fresh, branded content is the number one driver of most sales and marketing efforts today. With our ‘Always Live 360’ program, we can provide a steady source of material to fuel those efforts.

Marketing Services

With UPCARE’s marketing services, you’ll gain access to precisely the channel expertise you need when you need it. No more guesswork, no more learning new systems; just solid results.

Creative & Design Services

Poorly designed material costs you business and damages your practice reputation. Make your best first impression with powerful, award-winning print and digital design.

Subscription Based Marketing Services

Our more impactful services are subscription based. This allows for a manageable budget for ongoing services. We offer several plans for each service so you get exactly the right amount of support you need.

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Search Engine Optimization

With our advanced SEO service for medical practitioners, we can help your clinical practice stand out. We can ensure your service get higher positioning and online presence with a powerful, advanced advertising methodology.

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Social Media Marketing

We can help you reach the right people with our social media marketing. It is an essential tool to help share valuable content to reach your ideal patient base and can become a massive contributor to driving traffic to your practice website.

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Compliance, Support & Security

Our design team can ensure your medical practice has a strong internet presence with a responsive, creative web design. We can create well-executed designs that appeal to your patient base when searching for information about your key services and specialties.

Reputation Monitoring & Response

Years of solid patient care can be critically damaged by a few negative online reviews. Most of the damage can be mitigated by prompt, professionally crafted responses. We use innovative technologies to monitor reviews and comments online where customers are talking. We respond with pre-approved messaging to help show your patients and the viewing public that you care.

On-Demand Advertising Services

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ADA Compliant Websites

Our design team can ensure your practice has a strong internet presence with a responsive, creative website. We offer multiple levels of site complexity and design to fit most budgets. All of our sites are created with AI-Powered, ADA compliance software to ensure you’re not excluding disabled patients.

Magazine & Digital Ads

If you’re going to invest in an ad campaign to build your practice, don’t short-change the efforts by cutting corners on the design of the ad itself. Many magazines will include the design as part of the media buy, but the resulting ad is often sub-optimal.


Brochure Design

Among any of the print collateral your medical office will have, arguably the most important piece will be your brochure. This will usually be a tri-fold or half-fold that will tell a little bit about your practice, contain some contact information, and hopefully drive some patients your way.

Let's Begin Increasing Your Reach

Our team is ready to put our marketing and creative expertise to work improving the efficiency  of your marketing dollar while reducing your workload.